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"Altruism", Brad Kenny, 2017


Oil on Canvas
100 x 100 cm
As a contemporary artist I explore the human condition through portrait/figurative representation exploring identity/emotion/character/society. My technique is an instinctive process; I draw on my own emotional experiences to promote authenticity of emotion in my subjects.
The Coffee Culture is everywhere in our society; for me it is a sensual experience important for socialising, business, studying and sometimes to avoid isolation when alone.
I am aware of the ethical policies of the coffee trade from growers to consumers. There is metaphor intended in ‘Altruism’ for our society.
• To promote the voice to the less fortunate; the coffee is a symbol of societal benefits that we may take for granted; warmth, sustenance, social contact and even survival.
• A society responsive to the needs of the less-fortunate and excluded.
• The altruistic youngster demonstrating what he or she can make of themselves and by extension the prospect for an ever improving world.