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"Liquid Mind" Ambre Mehenni, 2014


Ink, watercolour, coffee and pen on paper
42 X 29.7 cm

Coffee is a very important product, globally but also in the tiny Netherlands. We Dutchies cannot function before we had our morning coffee, but coffee also has an important place in our history, in fact the English word coffee comes from the Dutch word koffie. Now it has become a lifestyle and you can almost say it is in our nature to grab that cup of liquid heaven. Our world evolves around it and coffee became an everyday product in our hectic and busy lives. It became a way to function but also quality moment of relaxation and joy. This piece resembles the nature and beauty of coffee and what it does to ones body and mind. It shows the stimulation and energizing effect that the coffee plant can have on you, and how it opens my mind as an artist.