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"Coffee", Emilia Goodall, 2018


38.6 x 93 cm (Framed - Two Pieces)

The photo on the right has ground coffee arranged to appear like lines of cocaine, for me this represents the fact that people can get addictions to coffee like others get addicted to drugs. Coffee may not be quite as drastic as drugs but people who need to drink multiple coffees a day can suffer from side effects if they don’t consume it often enough. It shows a negative side to coffee; the trail of coffee beans could also be viewed as tears pouring from a sad face. The photo on the left is a cup of coffee beans. I wanted to show the beautiful simplicity of what is behind all the different types of coffees as everyone has their own taste, some like lattes or cappuccinos, others like mochas or iced coffees. There are endless ways to have a coffee, but the one thing behind all of them is the coffee bean.