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"Re-Veiled", Rafaella Bertolini, 2014


Alcohol Inks on Yupo Paper
50x70 cm
With this artwork I wanted the viewer to pause and reflect on the poor living condition of the coffee farmers and coffee pickers around the world. They are one of the most vulnerable groups involved in coffee production, including children, used as cheap labour.
To reinforce the meaning of this artwork, for the title, I played with the words “reveal” and “veil”, the word “Reveal” meaning “to expose”, to uncover the exploitation of the coffee workers. The “Veil “is a garment normally used to conceal, to separate. In my painting the spilled coffee represent the western society, the consumerism, the mindless waste of food and beverages, the spilled coffee then forms a type of “veil” that covers the faces of the coffee workers, women, children and older people who work hard for our daily cup of coffee. This veil is the symbol of the “separation” between our reality and the reality of their daily struggles.
But In the painting there is also hope. Revealing the farmers situation, creating awareness and supporting charities hopefully will bring more involvement from the coffee industry and the consumers.